Spymer 2.0

Access and monitor various phone data and activities for parental control (See all)

Spymer is one of the industry’s leading monitoring tools which has a keen focus on GPS tracking and data monitoring for any iOS device. Since the release of Spymer, it has offered a variation of professional monitoring features, parental supervision features, and can be used to monitor data that go through SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, and many other third-party applications.

The features offered by this tool include:

1. You can access and tack more than 18 data types on your kid’s iOS devices remotely. By doing this, you get to protect them from fraud, dangerous internet content, and even mobile game addiction.

2. You get to see where your kids have been by tracking the current device location and also viewing the device location history remotely.

3. You get to know who the children are calling or texting the most by checking their frequently contacted list remotely.

4. You get to monitor the data existing on the kid's iOS devices. Even if the data has been deleted, you still get to view it remotely using Spymer.

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